Saturday, 16 February 2008

Brakes Sorted

Yet again, when you know what you are doing it is easy!

40 minutes later the front discs and pads are changed and the Jag now stops nicely.

Thanks Chris and Joe....

P.S. The old ones were really warn and should have been replaced ages ago!!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Gave it a go

Had a go, but could not even get the brake caliper off.. going to leave it for Joe.

Never helps not having the correct Tools - Wasted a whole morning very frustrating!

Brakes Purchased

97 quid lighter and ready to go, new discs and pads ready to be fitted but no clue how to!!

The Discs are MASSIVE, Ramus then reminds me that they do need to STOP a Two Tonne Car!

I will give it a go and see how I get on :S

Westleigh Motor Factors - Thanks again...

Friday, 8 February 2008



Me and Ramus had to drive up to London for work, so thought it would be a good opportunity to give the beast a good run.

Would you Adam and Eve it (London talk). The on board Amstrad 64 told me that at 67MPH we where getting 50 MPG (Bill Gates must have wrote the code).

*** We sent a picture to Rash to prove it but since then and now my phone died and we lost the picture ***

On the way back we noticed a problem with the brakes. Every time I applied the brake the car would steer to one side and judder under speed. I spoke with Chris on the telephone and he reckoned that we needed new discs and pads.

Joys of owning a Jag.

Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Fog Lights

Today Me and Ramus fitted some front fogs on the Jag as the Bulb warning light was ruining my dash!

I found these little lights on Ebay for £14.99 + the dreaded P&P at £9.99

We had to customise them a little, as their was not a solid fixing point on the front bumper.