Saturday, 13 September 2008

Quick fix

After washing the car I decided to take a look at why the interior lights were not working. The car was reporting that a fuse had blown but every time I changed it, it kept on blowing.

Also there was no "Always Live" power to the car so the seat did not work when the ignition was off.

I remember that I had some problems fitting the passenger sunvisor, so I took a look at this first... And guess what, I found the problem. The positive wire had split and was connected to the Shell of the car. Is was shorting the car out.

I removed the sun visor and needed to fix that before I refit it.

I also had ordered a new bit of chrome for the front windscreen as it flew off a couple of months ago. It was only 3 quid from Jag which I thought was good!.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Back to Project Sovereign

It turned out to be a bolt that had snapped so the clip that held the centre pipe to the manifold had come away.

18 years of wear and tear.

At first it looked like I would need a new clip but with some Burrows magic and a hammer I got it out.

Then it came to fitting it. I replaced the broken bolt with a shiny new one and enlisted the services of the Ramus' to tighten the clip as I pushed the exhaust back together.

Now its sounds very quite.

Project Spitfire!

Well, it rained today and anyone that lived through WW2 would have thought that it had started again. Spitfires flying above... But no it was me in the JAG!

On the way to work I noticed a burble noise coming from the Jag. When I go to Ramus' I quickly checked but could not see where the problem was.

I drove very slowly to Motor World and asked Chris to take a look. He took one look at it and confirmed it was defiantly the exhaust, however, he couldn't fix it until this evening.

So we drove very slowly to work. It made it to the gates in the car park and then bang, the car shock, the noise was deafening. It sounded like an old Spitfire getting ready to take off!

When looking closer, it looks like the pipe has come off the manifold. So should be easy to fix.

The sound is awesome but unfortunately not drivable...