Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sound system upgrade

The time came to upgrade the standard stereo that came with the Jag. Yes I have been driving around with the original tape deck system and yes it had an 80's tape and YES I liked it!

I replaced the speakers with Alpines and a fitted a Kenwood head unit and no Rash it doesn't boil water! but it will toast bread lol.

Due to the age of the stereo the front and rear speakers shared the same ground and where running at 6ohm... errrr how old is that!? (18 years my son).
I decided to rewire all the speakers and wired the rear door speakers with the speakers in the footwell. Not the greatest set up but the old system was a 6 channel Jobie!!

I created a cable that could be unplugged if I ever needed to take the door cards off, and I went out and purchased the correct connectors.

The door cards where a fun job, it took over an hour for each door and you had to completely strip the door down. I changed the speakers and made sure I fixed them in place.

Speaker cable (20 Metres) 20 quid
Connectors 10 quid

Stereo from Car Audio Security and Speakers from Halfords Total spent around £340.00

I also wanted to put a sub and amp in the boot to give the car a bit of bass. I also wired the amp power lead, remote and phono leads. This was great fun, as you have to take out the rear seat and find a way of getting around the fuel tank (Jesus 86 litre tank is massive!). I found a redundent lead whaich had been used by the old alarm system, so tied one end to the new lead and pulled it through....

I do still need to fix the speakers below the rear seat as they are still a little lose... I think MDF will come to the rescue!

I think there may still be some settings that need to be changed on the AMP and will leave this to "The Ramus" to play with!!

Me and Ramus where running very late for Dinner at Rash's, so the sports button was pressed! :)

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Animal behaviours.....

As expected a true wild animal ..

A jaguar likes to ensure we know that this is its spot...It marks its territory, its domain.. So predators and family know where its been, where it is or where it will be....Please find attached an example of this.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Today I re-aligned the wiper arm and the homing position sensor and it's now working correctly.

I am now praying for some rain, to try it out!

Lord give me strength!

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Got one!

Today I picked up the Wiper Motor from Howard's Car Spares. It was the tidy sum of 20 pounds.

Also need to get some tools to remove the old one as I don't have a big enough spanner! (No comments people).

I enlisted in the help of Ramus yet again and we worked on the wiper till it got dark. It turned out the motor was not faulty but the unit had jammed as the water release hole was clogged up. I cleaned it out, greased the unit and put it back on the Jag.

We were so close but yet again I forgot to mark where the wiper was positioned, so when the wiper started to move it tried to park itself in the engine bay. Going to leave it until tomorrow...... ARHHHHH!!!

Drove home praying it would not rain!

Monday, 17 March 2008


Got a quote today from British Jag Parts

The cost of a new wiper motor is, hold on.... £297.69 + The dreaded VAT

Don't think I will be paying that, Will call the trusty people at Howard's Car Spares to see if they have any second hand ones.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Wiper Problems

Bugger! Bugger

As I left for work today the wiper stopped working, the fuse has blown and it will no longer move.

It might be a faulty motor as the arm moves very slightly and the motor gets very hot. (As Ramus found out!)

Don't want to risk driving the Jag at the moment as the UK is not known for its dry summer days.

I don't think it will be a difficult job to fix, famous last words.......