Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Got one!

Today I picked up the Wiper Motor from Howard's Car Spares. It was the tidy sum of 20 pounds.

Also need to get some tools to remove the old one as I don't have a big enough spanner! (No comments people).

I enlisted in the help of Ramus yet again and we worked on the wiper till it got dark. It turned out the motor was not faulty but the unit had jammed as the water release hole was clogged up. I cleaned it out, greased the unit and put it back on the Jag.

We were so close but yet again I forgot to mark where the wiper was positioned, so when the wiper started to move it tried to park itself in the engine bay. Going to leave it until tomorrow...... ARHHHHH!!!

Drove home praying it would not rain!

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