Saturday, 7 March 2009

Brakes and Service

Today I decided to change the rear brake pads. The car has warned me for the last 2 month that the Pads needed changing... I was surprised that the car has a rear brake sensor.

I enlisted the services of Chris to give me a hand as I was unable to change the front ones on the car. Luckily Chris owns Motor World Car Body Shop and they have all the tools and equipment needed to do the job.

This is also a good time to service the car... It has been over a year now and the Jag was starting moan to me!

When changing the air filter, (which is only a year old), it looks the same age as the car (19).

Below is the black sludge that came out. We replaced this with nice new clear oil... Sorry car

Chris then set to work changing the rear pads. They where that low they have damaged one of the rear sensors! The sensors need replacing, but to get rid of the warning light in the car I have crossed the streams :)

While the rear wheels where off, I was able to inspect the rust that is starting to come through the side seals. This is not an easy fix and will require them to be replaced.


Pads: £23.00 (SESPAD656)

Service parts: £61.00 (Air/Oil Filter, Plugs and Oil 9 litres of the stuff)