Saturday, 12 July 2008

Boot lock

This afternoon I set on the task of fixing the boot lock. Since I have had the car, I have had to use the key to unlock the boot.
Where, this is not a major problem, it was a fault that needed sorting.....
For some reason you could not unlock the boot with the button in the glove box and when you unlock the car with the remote the lock would pop but not unlock!!

(Yes that is a driving cap that Rash and Ramus bought me)

I first set about checking the fuses in the car but quickly realised that the car would tell me if a fuse had blown and which one...
Maybe there was a wiring problem with the button!?

I started by checking all the wires under the glovebox. I did some continuity checks and after about 45 minutes I was certain that it was not a wiring problem...

Then I turned to the lock and release unit. I stripped the units out and checked the mechanical workings of the lock. I noticed that a small micro switch did not look right... I bent the metal contact away slightly and hooray, it seems that the micro switch told the car that the lock had manually been locked and was over-riding the central locking!

Now the button in the glove box unlocks the boot and pops it up a little.

Now I could set to work on wiring the boot release up to the alarm. The alarm has a trigger relay for the boot. It took me some time to figure out how to wire this up but by cutting into the wires and getting the relay to complete the circuit, the alarm now unlock the boot as well.

The cool feature with the alarm is it unlocks the car and deactivate the alarm, then it unlocks and pops the boot.

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