Friday, 3 April 2009

Near death...

Well, I have never been so scared. As I joined the motor way the car decided to lane swap. It felt like I had no control of the car. I pulled into the hard shoulder and checked the car over but could not find a problem.

So I set off to make sure it was not me. It was like driving a snake, I had no control of the car. I pulled over again but this time I called the RAC to see if they could help.

1 hour later they turned up. The RAC chap looked over the car and could not find the problem. He felt that the car was not safe to drive.

Due to the size of the Jag he was unable to toe me home. I was told I would have to wait for a recovery truck... Joy

While waiting a flat bed truck decided to dump its load over the Motor Way, I had to call the police as all 3 lane where covered in rubbish. The HA and police looked at me if it was my rubbish.

As you can see the Police and HA closed the Motor Way as I sat there and watched.

Another hour later and the recovery truck turned up and we set off home. It was a sorry site to see the old car being dropped of home.

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