Thursday, 22 May 2008

Already upgraded

I had a telephone call on Monday evening from the wheel company expressing their concerns that a 255 tyre would not fit the arch and it was recommend a 225 tyre would be a better alternative.

After thinking about this I decided that I did not want to do that as the car already has 220's and for the price I had paid it wasn't worth the upgrade...

I spoke with a guy called "Michael" who was very helpful and after loads of telephone calls we changed the wheels and the tyres for a different size!!

I now have coming 245/40/18 - upgraded to 18" rims. The overall size is a little smaller than the current tyres but hay. Size aint every think Ramus!

Message from the supplier

"Just in case you need confirmation we will be sending you 18" muggelo + 245/40/18 tyres. again sorry if we have confused you but it becomes expensive if you get it wrong. thanks dp"

P.S. Thanks Rash for winding me up about the result last night...

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