Saturday, 31 May 2008

Petrol Cap + Rear Bumper

Today was about sorting out the petrol cap. Last week while filling the car up, the hinge broke. I gave the trusty people at Howard's Car Spares a call and they said they had one, but I had to remove it myself!

I enlisted the help of "The Ramus" and we set to work. It was a sorry sight seeing an old Jaguar the same age as mine rusting away, being taken to bits.

LOL Me doing some work!!!

5 quid later we headed down to Motor World to fit it.

Changing the hinge was a nice and simple job. Only took about 30 minutes to complete but was worth it as the petrol cap now pops up. - Yes I did upload it to YouTube!

Then I wanted to fit the new bit of chrome from the rear bumper and have a look at sorting the dent in the rear bumper.

The rear bumpers are really easy to get off, but I had to cut the cable to the rear fog lights as there was no connector to disconnect. The look on Ramus' face when I just cut the cable was priceless... LOL

I will get it to fit!

It took some beating but I got it looking a lot better... Not perfect, but it looks really nice.

The view most people have of the car....

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