Sunday, 17 August 2008

Visual entertainment. Day 2

Day two was all about mounting the screen and complete the wiring of the system.

Yesterday I purchased a gold power terminal from Halfords as I wanted to tidy up the positive connector as it had wires hanging off it.

This was not as simple as I hoped. I had to saw off the old connector and then tempt fate by cutting the cover off the wires without making a visit to A&E.

I also fitted the relay that will supply the DVD player and screen with power

I then set on the headlining, this also was a pain. I had to take most of the left hand side trim apart. (I broke most of the clips again!!!!!)
I then measured up and screwed the screen into the headlining. I made a slit in the headlining for the cable and then drilled a hole in the headlining to feed the cable.
I connected the main lead the the screen and started to put the trim back but I needed to buy some more clips to secure it in place. I wont do this until the headlining has been refitted. - excuse the poor quality as it was what I sent to Ramus!
I also damaged the "Sky Slop" that goes around the gear stick and stereo. I can get another one of these on Ebay.
I could not fully test the system today as I left the boot lid up and drained the battery to the point twhere the dash board flashes because there is not enough amps to power the system.
I think its going to take a couple more days to fully finish the system

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