Sunday, 24 August 2008

Visual entertainment. Day 3

Today I wanted to put the dashboard back together and give the car a good clean.

As the weather was touch and go I washed and poshed the car first.

I had the battery on charge all day yesterday and most of today. When I connected the battery the dashboard reported that a fuse had blown. On inspection it turned out the be the interior lights. When I changed the fuse it blew that one and the other 3 I tried. (Going to leave this until tomorrow)

Also for some reason the +12vdc "always live" from the battery to the stereo was not working. I checked it all the way back to the fuse box. When I checked the voltage at the fuse box it had +12vdc but some where there is a break in the wire.

I decided to run a new lead from the battery and this time fitted an in-line fuse. I started to put the settings back into the stereo but it was getting dark so gave up until tomorrow.

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