Sunday, 6 April 2008

All Finished

Well what a start to the day, as I set off the snow started to come down really heavy and fast. The motorway was covered with snow and could only manage about 30mph. Not the best day to drive, but was worth the risk to finish off the Jag!

A good note was the car started as she always does so the cold did not effect her!... Yipeeee

Today was about soldering the wires. This took about an hour, but it was worth doing the job right.

Then I started to put the car back together. I found a place for the alarm box and a place to feed the cables. I fitted the trim that was below the glove box. This has never fitted correctly since I have had the car. It never looked right, as was always a gap in the trim below the glove box. I used a bit of brute force and bent the frame into shape, which sorted the problem and it now fits like a glove!

I then had to put all the trim around the steering wheel back together and hide the bluetooth module for the hands free and the USB connection to the stereo.

At the same time I cut the wires for the audible alert, which constantly beeps at you when the key is in the ignition barrel and a door has been left open... Peace at last!!!

Ramus had turned up now and checked the AMP settings for me, which were fine. So I then asked him to help with the brakes
. They had started to squeak since I had them changed. For some reason Joe had forgot the passenger side anti squeal pad. Copper Grease later and hopefully the problem will go away.

LOL Ramus doing some work.

The only thing I could not finish is the boot trigger release and alarm. From some reason this has stopped working... I will have to make a call to Howard's Car Spares for a replacement :)

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Ross Burrows said...

Ramus change Trunk to boot for me, cheers