Saturday, 5 April 2008

New Alarm

Well, what can I say after 1 and half weeks of trying to install my new alarm we finally found all the correct wires in the Jag.

The Alarm is a two way alarm that will let me know when it goes off....

It turned out that Jaguar loved working with relays and ground connections, which is great but the alarm wanted to supply +12vdc to the different devices i.e. Indicators and Side lights.

To wire in the new alarm I needed to first remove the old Clifford one that I had no remotes for! This was fun, cutting out the old system and having to make sure, that after every wire I cut, the car still started!

Actually, it was quite handy, the car already had an alarm fitted, so most of the hard work had already been done! However, I had to modify the alarm by using relays to convert the +12vdc to Grounds. Lucky for me Chris owns Motor World with his Brother Terry, so we nicked one out of an old car.... :).... Well I hope it was....LOL

Haynes Manual and Alarm manual.... happy happy, joy joy.

I will have to do the same again tomorrow for the side lights.

The alarm will also start the car on the press of a button on the remote. It took some time but me and Chris found the correct wire from the alternator that lets the alarm know the engine is running.

  • +12V constant supply: Ignition Relay (Yellow) Large Brown wire

  • Acc first key position: I used to wire to the stereo

  • Ignition 2nd key position: Large white wire from the Ignition Relay (Yellow)

  • Start Wire: White and Pink wire from the Starter Relay (After Kill relay see below)

  • Kill Relay: I put this before the Start Wire on the White and Pink wire from the starter relay.

  • Indicator connector: These are ground connections. I used a relay connected to the same ground as the alarm. This alarm as two indicator outputs but I only used one which connects to both sides

  • Boot release: Lucky for me I have a boot open switch in the glove box. I connected the ground connection to this.

  • Door open trigger: There is a puddle lamp relay which turns the lights on when any door is open. This again is a ground connection and this works really well.

  • Alternator on: There is a brown wire that comes from the alternator that goes to a module by the air intake. I spliced into this, works a treat
There are some more wires to fit and will update once I have found them

Its very freaky watching the car start with no one in it, you press the start button on the remote. The car beeps to let you know it’s about to start. Fuel pump kicks in and then the 4.0L engine turns over.

The key fob then vibrates and a little exhaust icon appears on the remote, very cool.

You can stop the engine with the remote or once you have put the key in the barrel and turned it to key position two (Ignition) you can then stop the car normally by taking the key out.

Another cool feature of the alarm is the car unlocks and locks as you walk towards and away from the car. You can also put the car in “Find Me” mode and the key fob tells you how far you are away from the car.

I will video this and post it.

More to do tomorrow!

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Peter said...

hi i am working on an old jaguar x40 which someone has previously fitted (hacked) an alarm into it. at the moment i need to get it to start, as either the starter motor has packed up or there is a problem in the wiring somewhere. when it was running, idling was a bit rough and i noticed the passenger side headlamp would flicker on (with the headlamp switch in the off position), which made me think there was something up with the wiring.
reading your web page has been helpful in learning some of the tips. best of luck.