Wednesday, 30 January 2008


Well what can I say, Chris, not wanting this to beat him, changed the crank sensor... Still the same problem! Joe stepped up and took a look.

I was watching from home on the camera system at Motor World. Waiting, wondering if we will ever get a chance to unleash the Jag's full potential :(

After an hour or so, of re-going over everything we had done previously in the service, he moved the dizzy cap a few degrees to see if it was a timing issue! It turns out that even though the Jag has its own self timing system, it was too far out for the car to compensate...

So again, because I never took note of how the Dizzy cap or rotorary arm were positioned when I removed them, this caused all of the misfiring! (typical)

*** Good News ***

All Fixed!!! So happy, Thanks to Chris and Joe

Sweet As!

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