Saturday, 19 January 2008

Jag Purchased

Today I purchased Project Sovereign.

I wanted to do a complete service on the car before I took it away. Changed the Spark Plugs, Dizzy cap and went to change the HT Leads. School boy error, I never marked which lead went where so when we came to start the car it wouldn’t turn over.

If it wasn’t for Chris's knowledge I would have never got the thing started. She was running very rough still but at least it was running.

We removed the headlining as this needed to be re-lined, I had arranged for this to be dropped of on Monday to Portchester Trimmers. We did have a go ourselves at re-lining it but I won’t go there, it was no Blue Peter special.

We went to change the fuel filter as the car was on the lift. After most of the petrol tank had emptied itself over Me, Ramus and Chris. We went to take the filter off, one of the nuts was not playing ball and had to be ground off..... Petrol and Sparks - not my cup of tea.

Yes that is me under the car risking my life for the car (Trying to find the sump

As you can see from the picture we had to remove the windscreen to get the headliner out... Lots of wires and screws with no idea where they go....

Could not take the car away today as it had to have some body work done and it needs the windscreen fitting

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