Saturday, 26 January 2008

Fault Finding day

The day started by picking up a new ignition coil from West Leigh Motor Factors. 20 quid lighter, we headed off to Motor World to see what the problem might be with the misfiring.

Chris changed the coil and we took it out for a test drive. Even though the car was still not running 100%, the car certainly didn’t hang around and we very quickly disappeared off down the road… Smiles where seen all around.

Ignition coil was not the problem!
We went in search for a coil amplifier connector. Wasn’t sure this was causing the problem, but went back to our new recently acquired friends Howard's Car Spares, where I new there were two poorly jags rusting away.

Another 10 quid lighter we headed back to Motor World. Chris fitted the Amplifier and Ramus & I went out for another drive. For some silly reason I decided to take the Motorway! Don’t ask me why... The car was running sweet as, until we hit 70'ish mph, then all of a sudden, we experienced some violent coughs and splutters from the engine and decided to abort and leave the Motorway. The car went into Limp home mode again and would keep on cutting out.

We slowly made it back to the workshop where we scratched our heads! What could the problem be??

Only option, was to let another mechanic take a look at it. (Trusty Joe)

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