Saturday, 26 January 2008

Fitting the Headliner - 1st Road Test

This was a pain the A$$. The headliner had been delivered to Motor World earlier on that day and Chris had kindly put it in the Jag, so the windscreen could be fitted.

Me and Ramus had a hard time getting the wires, screws and sun visors to fit. It took us a little over an hour to fit and we broke most of the clips that hold the headliner in place.

Once it was in, it was time for the test drive... Test drive it was!

We slowly drove to the cash machine, so I could get some readies out as the car was running on FUMES! (Thanks fuel filter).

As we left the bank we noticed a knocking noise from the wheels. This got worse the more we drove.

We made it to the petrol station. I removed the fuel cap and was nearly blown over by the pressure in the fuel tank. £50.00 later and the needle barley above the half way mark we set off.

The knocking noise was really bad and the car started to wobble, also the engine was violently misfiring and had gone into limp home mode :(

When Chris went to check the wheels he noticed that the wheel nuts where really loose, really loose, this was an understatement!! In my haste to get the car back on the road I had forgotten to tighten them up.

We decided to take the car back to the work shop and look at the misfiring problem tomorrow. We where all still in shock from the near death experience of the wheels falling off. LOL

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Ross Burrows said...

Clips £0.49 each, needed 10 of the little buggers